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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

Hi! Did ya miss me? I sure missed all my internet friends! I don't ever want to go that long without internet access again. I was very surprised to realize that I didn't miss the television as much as I missed the internet. I guess that is because the internet is so much more interactive, rather than the passive brain sludge of television.

The move is over, although I still don't know where most of this is going to go. Our new apartment is nice; much smaller than our prior apartment, but nice. My amazing family moved us, since Ray and I are both handicapped. They did such a fantastic job of making it as easy for us as humanly possible and we owe them more than we will ever be able to repay.

It is astounding how much stuff you can accumulate without realizing it. Moving seems to be the only time that I ever purge my life of some of this accumulation. Many items were simply tossed, such as calendars from years past, old Readers Digest, and then there is the shredding. Shredding of old bills and other mailings that have too much information on them to just be thrown. Every time I move I say that from this time on, I will shred as I go instead of letting it pile up, but that never happens.

Some things were donated, such as two large bags of acrylic yarn that will now keep other hands busy. As I learn and grow as a yarn enthusiast, the more finicky I am about what I want to work with and at this point, I am more interested in natural fibers. So, I am not sad that this yarn has found a new home.

I also gave away some clothes that, just face it, are never going to fit. Why is it that I develop emotional attachments to clothing? I would hold up a top that I haven't worn in years and just think about how great I will look in this out-of-date style when I lose weight.......reality check! Me, lose weight? IF that were to happen, I wouldn't want to be seen in what I used to wear, so get rid of if! Which I did.

There was a bag of scarves and hats that my sister took to donate for me. I love to work on some mindlessly easy projects every once in a while, and then just save them up for a good cause. I don't know who will get them this time, but I just hope that they will help someone.

So, the purging done, and everything else packed up, we moved. The look of overwhelmed fear that was on my face as the boxes seemed to endlessly pile into the new local, must have been very evident to my sister. She kept saying, "don't worry, it will all fit".

What became very clear is that I will have to reduce my stash significantly and keep it under control. At this moment, my yarn, UFOs, WIPs, other assorted craft supplies and craft library are piled in the living room in a very unattractive arrangement. Most of it is still in boxes. I AM NOT ALLOWED TO BUY MORE YARN. Period. If you see me about to purchase yarn, you have my permission to slap me. I mean it. Print this out and carry it with you if you must. I must find a way to contain all of my yarn to only a couple of bins. I think that if I just knit from my stash and complete my UFOs and WIPs, then within the first 6 months of living here I should be down to a manageable level. Until then, I'm the one behind the stack of boxes, trying to find my camera.


  1. Hi Beverly,

    First, let me say that I’m a huge fan of your posts. You’re on my List Of Ravelry Favorites, and I often share your stuff with my knitting friends.

    I am writing everyone on my Favorites List with a couple of questions. If you can answer them for me, it would be a HUGE HUGE HUGE favor. Really HUGE.

    Thing is, I am writing a piece on Ravelry for my college magazine. Topic is WHY Ravelry is such a huge success. I need opinions from fellow Ravelers like you to back up this claim I am making.

    These are the questions:

    1) Why did you choose to join Ravelry?

    2) How did you learn about Ravelry?

    3) What does Ravelry give you that other sites don’t?

    4) Absolutely anything else you’d like to share with me on this subject.

    My quandary is this: I love the site and come here almost every week to look for knitting tips and ideas. (I haven’t joined yet, as I am too shy to talk of my own work…)

    I want to understand why others do the same. Each person must have his or her own reason and I am very curious to understand this trend.

    Once I write the piece, I intend to send it across to Bob the dog. Maybe, he will post it on the site to encourage newcomers or even use it for other promotion purposes.

    Thank you in advance

    Keep writing, keep sharing, keep creating
    Warmest regards

    My Email address is:

  2. Happy to see you back and glad you are in a place that will be more helpful. I have lupus and it is hard for me to do the stairs in my house. I hope to move in the next year or so.
    You never have too much yarn!
    Sorry I will not stop you. Life is too short if yarn makes you happy go for it!

  3. Welcome back! Glad to hear that the move went smoothly! I'm also glad to hear that I'm not the only one who does the emotional attachment to clothing thing... haha I recently just forced myself to part with a sweater I've had for about three years now that hasn't fit... well... EVER, but I was hanging on to for the exact same reasons.

  4. Welcome back!
    I do love the purging that a move drives you to do.
    Good luck staying on your yarn diet. Maybe you can ask yarn be given to you as birthday and christmas presents; that way you get at least one or two new goodies to play with in the year.


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