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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Woohoo! I have been productive!

I have been in a very long slump. I have little or no desire to knit, crochet, or even spin. I think part of it has been due to my preoccupation with my up coming surgery, but...and I have a big butt...I have wanted to work on projects for myself. I just wouldn't let myself do knit for myself because I have so many Christmas projects which need to be completed first but I didn't want to do those.

My previous post was about a little Halloween mask that I crocheted very quickly and for some reason, that quick little project seems to have nurtured my crafting mojo. I have 4 completed projects in the past 10 days, and the 5th project is coming right along. All of the projects are super simple, so if you need to make some gifts for the holiday season, I highly recommend these!

First 2 projects I made were the Rubberneck Cowl by Holly Peacock. If you know the knit and purl stitches then you know everything you need to know to make this cowl. The cowl can scrunch down around your neck or the folds will expand to cover whatever is cold on you.The second 2 projects I made were the Crochet Child's Earflap Cap by Candi Jensen. This too, is a very simple project and it will work up very quickly for a last minute gift. After making the first cap, I did make one small change to the pattern for the second one. I changed how I made the ties. Instead of single crocheting back up the chain as the pattern indicates, I slip stitched back up which resulted in a tie that was more firm and symmetrical.Now I am working on a pair of mittens. I just finished the second mitten this morning and saw that it looked must better than the first, so I frogged the first. I am sure it won't take too long to re-knit it now that my mojo is back. Woohoo!

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