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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Frogging I Will Go

Last weekend my beautiful sister and her handy hubby came over to assemble my shelving units for my stash and my craft library. They did an awesome job and I am very grateful! Not all of my stash fits in the shelves, but my apartment is too small for that many shelves!After the first unit was up, my sister started to unpack some of the bins and boxes that my stash was stored in. Amid everything she found the parts to the 2nd sweater I had ever tried to make. It was beyond my capabilities when I started it, and it quickly became a UFO. I told her that I was going to frog it, but upon inspection it became evident that all the pieces were there, just waiting to be assembled.

I decided to put this together and started the seaming, as much as I loath the process. Once I had a sleeve set in I held it up for inspection and both Ray and I started laughing instantly. This was going to be the most ridiculous looking sweater ever and would require a contortionist to wear it. I started frogging instantly. There is no way I am giving up the yummy yarn that this was knit in. I just wish that I could remember what it is. The ball band has long ago been lost, but this wool feels wonderful and I will reincarnate it as something wonderful now that I am no longer a novice knitter.

I have completed a little knitting. Surprise! I have completed 2 projects for Knitting Purls Stash Busting Colorwork KAL. The first is the Beginners Fair Isle by Catherine Kerth. I used left over acrylic from a couple of kids projects. I really like the effect of using a variegated yarn gave to the fair isle stitches. The 2nd project is the Ankara Headband designed by Nanette Blanchard. This was a little more challenging for me in chart reading and stranding technique. I am taking baby steps in learning fair isle. (Obviously, I haven't blocked either piece before taking photos. Sorry.)I am still working on the toe-up ankle socks for the toe-up KAL and I hope to finish those soon. My next fair isle project is going to be a pair of socks too, but I am not sharing what that one is just yet. Stay tuned in for more!


  1. Gosh everything looks so nice and I just love your projects...I have yet tried a Fair Isle project...heck I am still trying to figure out 'toe up" socks...LOL

  2. Those look fantastic! And I can't wait to see what the frogged sweater gets transformed into!

    The variegated yarn really does make that colorwork pop. I'm going to have to try color work with variegated someday... I suppose I should actually learn to do colorwork first though! =D

  3. Love the shelves, everything is so organized. Your fair isle is beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the nomination!

    I haven't managed to organize my stash, yet. I noticed the drop spindles on top of the shelf - that's a good amount you've got spun up there. How's it going? I just picked up my drop spindle for the first time in a long while and was definitely out of practice.

  5. Congrats on getting your shelves up! I always get such a creative surge after reorganizing my craft area.


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