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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am coming out of hibernation! I think I was in crafting overload after Christmas. I tried to keep connected to the crafting community, but eventually I just stopped doing any crafts for a few months. Slowly, I am getting back into it and my spirit is renewing.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Highland Handmades. (I feel I should disclose that the proprietor/fiberista, Heather, is a very beautiful friend of mine.) Highland Handmades features yarns and fibers that are creatively dyed by Heather's hands. Also, you can find handmade drop spindles, that are crafted by Heather's talented and supportive husband.

My favorite color is green and I have a lovely skein of Heather's "The Greener Side" colorway in fingering weight sock yarn. It is 100 grams, a generous 462 yards, 75% SW Merino & 25% Nylon of squooshy goodness. This skein is waiting for Heather to finish her latest sock pattern so that my needles can enjoy the fibery goodness too.
Next, I have some incredible 50/50 SW Merino/Tencel blend in Heather's "Neptune" colorway. It drafts like a dream and has incredible shine that a picture just doesn't do justice.
Do your stash a favor and head over to Highland Handmades and check back there often. I don't think she really sleeps, because amazing new colorways keep materializing from the recesses of her incredible mind. Also, she is one of the busiest ladies I know with "regular" jobs, PLUS her fibery business AND a podcast. Yes, she even does a podcast. You can get to know Heather better, learn how she is growing her business, and be tempted by her latest creations if you go check out "The Fiberista Files".


  1. I can relate! After a frantic race to get my Christmas projects done, Knitted, crocheted and sewn, My Daughter called me Christmas morning as I was putting in the Turkey, that she had gone into labor, her due date jan 17. Worse I was flying Frequent Flyer Miles, couldn't use them over Holidays.
    All's well that ends well, Caiden is a beautiful Baby, but I haven't felt the urge to 'pick up a stitch' Then I went and had a Heart Attack just when they came to visit me.
    I am lucky that a stent fixed it, and I am just getting back to the list of projects that need finishing. I loved finding your blog!!
    Have a Happy!

  2. That's why I do very little knitting for Christmas gifts - burns me out. I'm glad you're back in the groove!

  3. Mmm, that green is beautiful! I can so easily see that turning into a nice pair of lace socks.


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