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Sunday, July 4, 2010


OMG! I want this so much. The minute I saw the first picture of these curly locks, I was reaching for my debit card. Thank goodness I remembered my car payment before I got the numbers entered. If someone else buys this before I get a chance to, please let me know what I missed out on!

These super long luscious lincoln locks in the Fiery Sunset colorway are dyed by Primdollie of Altered Visions. There you will find a rainbow of curly locks and much more. I couldn't stop drooling the entire time I was viewing her shop. Rush on over and take a peek for yourself. I know that I will be going back there time and again.


  1. True! These curly locks are so beautiful. They can attract any person. There should be many stocks like this that are sold in the market.

  2. That is just fantastic color! I am sure it would be a pleasure to spin.


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