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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday WIPs

For the past few months, I have been very lazy about my blogging.  I would like to give you are good reason for this, but really...I just haven't felt like it.  The blogging mojo has been AWOL and as a result, so have I.  Since I haven't found a way to remedy that, I decided that just forcing myself to type something in this space might redevelop the habit for me.  I don't know if it will work, but here we go.

I promise you that I have been working on projects.  Lots of projects have been completed but not many have been photographed.  I think that the photography issue may be part of my blogging block.  I am very frustrated with the quality or lack of quality in my photography, so I don't want to take pictures of what I have done.  If I don't have pictures to show you, then I don't want to blog about what I can't show you.  It is time to get past all that.

Works In Progress (WIPs):

  1. Moose Afghan (from hell) - about 75% complete, but it is too hot to work on a king size afghan.
  2. Long Cat Scarf - about 50% complete. It is double-knit and the technique is new for me :)
  3. Skull Towel - about 25% complete.  This started out as a dishcloth, but it is going to be to big for that.
  4. Sock Monkey Hat - I just cast on this one.  My sister requested it for her granddaughter.
  5. Ladies Top - about 30% complete.  I haven't worked on it in a month
  6. Semele - about 20% complete.  I haven't worked on it in a month or more.
I think that is all of them.  Check back on Friday when I will post picks of some recent FOs.  Until then, Happy Creativity to you all !


  1. Hello Beverly: Sounds like you are very busy with your knitting projects. I am looking forward to seeing the photos. I am working on a baby blanket and completing Level 1 of Master Knitters, what a journey. Enjoy!

    1. Hello Cicily!

      I like to stay busy, that is for sure. Congrats on working on the Level 1 of Master Knitters. Someday I hope to try that too. Thank you for stopping by my little blog and leaving a comment. I enjoy hearing from everyone! Have a wonderful day.



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