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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday's Temptation

Lately I have crocheted a few fun toys and found that I enjoy them.  I find special joy when a child lights up from the toy.  So I have been browsing around for more toy patterns and thought I would share my finds with you.

First, there is EssHaych, which sells fun amigurumi creatures and patterns.  Isn't he freakin adorable?  Perhaps you don't crochet.  No problem.  She sells either the monster or the pattern!

Would you prefer to knit your toys?  Okay, then check out Cheezombie. Cheezombie offers both crochet and knit amigurumi patterns and this guy is so cute that I could start to like garden slugs...yeah right.

These little fellas justify all the tiny balls of left over yarn I have saved from years of projects, just so I can morph them into playful delights.   Won't you join me in a little knit and crochet play date?


  1. These are stinkin' adorable. That slug rocks. (you're a bad influence)

    1. "I am a bad influence you say??" Muwahahaha...Sucess!


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