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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Let's try this AGAIN.

I keep thinking that I want and even need to get back to this blog/vlog, but I am not sure if I have anything worth sharing.  I read a lot of other blogs that inspire me, but I don't feel that I am inspiring.  So, in an effort to at least start posting again, I will share a few things about me.

1.  I am a bookkeeper for a not-for-profit organization.  I really do like my job, though I do, at times, gripe about it when I get a little stressed.  What I really love is the people with whom I work.  They are amazing and we form an great team.

2.  At work I am a little obsessive about keeping my desk organized.  Everything has a place and I get a little "twitchy" if things aren't where they belong.  I think the organization gives me a feeling of control in all the chaos, however delusional that feeling may be.

3.  In stark contrast to my work space, my creative home space, aka the craft room, is a hodge-podge of good intentions interspersed with creativity and laziness. Yeah, it's a mess.  No, I don't like it that way.  I am always planning to do something about it.  

4.  I have my own island.  It is my lift-chair recliner and it has its own gravitational pull!  I know this because all sorts of things gather within arms reach of this island. Every knitting needle I own is there, except the one I need, of course.  Random skeins have accumulated, simply because I wanted to show my G+ hangout knit-girls what I have acquired and then never moved it to the craft room.  Oh, and the mail!  Someone save me from all this damn paper!

So, there you have it, some random weirdness about yours truly.  There's a lot more weirdness, but I am easier to take in small doses, or so I have been told.  Are you weird?  Do you feel the need to share something random?  Please take advantage of the comments if you so need, but please keep it reasonably clean.  I leave it to others to define what is "reasonable".  TTFN.

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