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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cough, Ouch, Cough, OUCH!

I have caught some type of creeping crude and it is roosting in my lungs.  It has been plaguing me for a week and half so far and every time I feel like it might be getting better, it lets me know that it has some kind of Vulcan death grip on my lungs.  (If you are a Star Trek fan and I have in some way attributed the death grip to the wrong alien culture, tune in to reality.)

Last week I coughed so hard I pulled the muscles in my right side.  The pharmacy Angel (that's how I will always see her now) recommended cough syrup with codeine and it seemed to help at night and the muscles are hurting a little less.   BUT, I don't want to get to dependent on the stuff, so last night I didn't take it.  About 3 am I pulled the muscles in my lower left abdomen while coughing and gasping for breath.  So I am not responsible for the codeine influenced content of this blog.

I have missed far too much time from work because of this crap.  I haven't felt like working on much of anything for crafts, or doing much of anything, for that matter.  I just can't maintain focus.  What I really want is for this respiratory infection to be completely gone by Tuesday morning so that I can go to work and do my job. I am willing to give the rest of today and Memorial day over to the illness to mess with me, but that's it.  Enough is enough.

Three paragraphs of whining later...

I finally reintroduced myself to my Ashford Traditional this weekend.  It has been longer than I can remember since I actually spun on it.  Friday, I pulled it out, dusted it, oiled it and apologized for the neglect.  A long time ago, I had started spinning some fiber that was not so good, but it was free and there was a lot of it so I just kept telling myself to stick to it and turn it into something good.  Well, that mindset wouldn't let me put anything else on the wheel, but I didn't like what was on it so I didn't spin it.  My very wise and beautiful friend, Melody, told me life is to short to knit with bad yarn.  I feel she would be fine with me extending that sentiment to spinning and fiber.

Out with the bad fiber and in with heavenly spinning in the form of HaldeCraft Pencil Roving in the weathered wood colorway.  4 oz. of BFL that almost spins itself.  I spun for 30 minutes on Friday and for 45 minutes on Saturday.  I am hoping that I can incrementally work my way out of my ADD Crafting Funk.  That isn't a professional diagnosis.  Simply my personal observation.  Perhaps there should be some proof of this purported spinning:

Even though the spinning wheel was neglected for too long, I have been spinning on a few spindles during this ADD Crafting Funk.  Actually, spindles are one of my favorite take-along projects.  Unfortunately, I rarely finish spinning what I have on my collection of spindles.  Sounds like the focus for another post.

Still Yarn Crazy!

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