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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Adventures In Knitting Needle Organization.

A few years ago, I invested what I considered to be quite a bit of money in a Namaste Needle Binder (no longer available) in hopes that when I wanted to find a needle I would.  It arrived with 4 "pages" in it, which didn't begin to be able to confine my collection.  I discovered that adding more pages would cost $13 to $22 per page, depending on what style I needed.  YIKES!   I need that money for yarn and fiber.

So, I have had this holding some dpns and a few other rarely used tools, but not fulfilling my desired purpose. What a waste.  Fast forward to...

Today, while shopping at the Family Dollar Store, I decided to take a chance on some zippered pencil cases designed to fit in 3 ring binders.  Let's see if I can get them to fit in a few of the 3-ring binders I have at home and finally organize this stuff.  

7 of the pencil cases were one dollar each and a lovely lavender color, but that wasn't going to be enough of them.  I figured that I needed at least a dozen.  I spotted some Spiderman pencil cases, and decided, what the hell, no one is going to see this set up.  I picked up 5 of them to get to my dozen required.  At the register, they were only 50 cents.  WTG Spidey!

I got home to find that it was going to take at least 3 of my 3-ring binders to hold the pencil cases once they were filled with circs.  Then, I wondered, would the Namaste binder have the same size 3-ring binder in it?  

OMG, yes it does!  Finally, I am using this for what I had hoped to use it.  The only needles not ensconced in it are my Knit Picks interchangeables which have their own case, and the half dozen or so circs that are in projects.  

I have now organized this one little part of my crafty life, why does my craft room still look like a hurricane hit? Adventures in craft room organization: to be continued.  Please stay tuned!

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