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Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Plurk Pals Are Amazing!

If you don't know what Plurk is all about, you are missing out on a great group of people. I have over 200 of the most amazing friends on Plurk. Most, but not all, of these friends are fiber fiends like me, but the discussions are not limited to that subject by any means. I have never met any of these people, but I have been a grateful recipient of their kindness, caring, wisdom, laughter and generosity.

Speaking of generosity, they offered their advice while I was trying to decide which spinning wheel would be right for me. They cheered me on when I tried to win an ebay bidding war for a wheel. They consoled me when I lost. They congratulated me when I finally purchased a wheel from a fellow Raveler, and they have been helping me try to be patient while I wait for it to be delivered. Could I be any more blessed?

You betcha! (I can hear the groans) These wonderful people passed my address amongst them and sent me fiber as wheel warming gifts!!! Can you believe it? Each day a little squooshy package has been arriving at my door, filling me with delight, gratitude and an overwhelming sense of what a privileged it is to be able to get to know these incredible people from all over the world. Where else would a handicapped person, who sometimes feels trapped in her own home, get the opportunity to associate in any way with such a diverse, global and yet close group of people? Bonus, they are constantly making me laugh!

Here are some pictures of the wonderful fibers I have received. (I apologize for the quality, as photography is not my thing.) The first picture is of some very colorful mystery fibers from plurk's Knitting Dragon. Yes, I am speaking of that incredible man with the sexy voice from the Sweaters for Dragons podcast fame! Don't forget to check out his online store, Cables & Lace.The second photo is of orange merino with a little bag of black mohair from plurk's kchealy! You can explore her online store and blog, Wool Obsession.
The third and forth photos are of Hungry for Handspun rovings from plurk's Moonlightbaker! You can find her lovely fibers at her etsy store, Hungry For Handspun.
The fifth photo is from plurk's Boutrosbabe. She only lives about 20 miles from me, so I hope one day I will meet her. This fiber is from Ashland Bay, it is merino in the Primrose colorway.The final photo is from plurk's Loribird, whom I suspect of being an organizer. She is also from Maine, so I have hope of meeting her one day too. I wish I could have caught the sparkle in this fiber, to do it justice. It is from Enchanted Knoll Farm, here in Maine. You can also check out Loribird's wonderful fibers at From the Wool Room. I have purchased some sock yarn from her and it is almost as wonderful as she is!
I am at a loss for how to adequately thank each of them. Will you please help me thank them by visiting their online stores and if you see something you like, purchase from them? You won't regret it! Also, if you see the postal delivery person with my spinning wheel, please tell him I'm waiting. Thank you!


  1. I'm so glad you got the fiber! Enjoy!

    I hope you know how grateful we (I think I can speak for others here) are for your online friendship. You're always there with a few kind words when someone is having a bad day, and it's greatly appreciated.

  2. What pretty fiber! You're going to have such fun spinning all that up!

  3. weehoo, so glad it got there! Now when the wheel shows up you should have some fun deciding which to spin first! ;)

  4. I knew my fellow plurkers were something else, Bev, and you have just proved it :) I'm weeping tears of joy that people can be kind and justify the faith I have in humankind. Thanks for posting this and for being you!

  5. Your fibers are beautiful...I can't wait to see them spun and then knitted into something....don't keep us waiting long.

  6. Oh my goodness, Bev! Wonderful friends indeed!!! :)

  7. Wow! You are one lucky spinner!

  8. I can't wait to see picture of your wheel!

  9. That's so wonderfully sweet of them! And that's some beautiful fiber too.

  10. Oh, wow! What wonderful gifts! Spinning with such beautiful fiber, you are bound to fall in love. Good luck.


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