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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Rude of Me.

How very rude of me to get my new toy and then to just leave like that. I do hope that you will forgive me. I can't believe I haven't posted about my spinning since I received the wheel, but when I went to upload pictures, there were a ton of them to weed through. I am going to have to learn better camera skills because I just can't seem to get a good representation of the yarn with my camera. I apologize in advance for the quality of the pics and I will try to do better in the future.

In my last post I showed my first yarn on the new wheel. I decided that I just had to knit with it as soon as it was dry, so I just cast on a few and started knitting. This is what it looked like in garter stitch. I have felted it after the photo was taken, because it was too small to actually be anything and I have always wanted to experiment with felting.
The person who sold the wheel to me was so generous that she included to small balls of rovings in the package, one in a light sage green and the other a turquoise blue. I spun each of them into lace/light fingering weight singles as shown below.
Then I plied them together into a 2 ply yarn somewhere between sport weight and DK weight. I love it.There was a little more of the turquoise blue singles left over so I left them as just that and I will try to find something to do with them.The next fiber I spun was from Sheep Shed Studios grab bag. It is a navy and white wool fiber that I spun and then 2 plied into a thick and thin bulky weight yarn. This was not the very best fiber, but it was pretty good for the incredible price!
When Sheep Shed Studios sent to me the grab bag fiber that I had ordered for the yarn above, they also included a small sample of superwash rovings in a forest green and white colorway. I spun it as a single and then Navajo plied it. It is so soft and squooshy, that I can't stop petting it!
Now this post seems like it is getting a bit long, so I will stop for now. Tomorrow I will post pics of some more nice stuff that has been sent to me by my wonderful, generous and thoughtful friends.


  1. Your spinning seems to be coming along beautifully! I especially like the blue/green two-ply.

    And no need to apologize for the pics--much better quality than I usually manage. ;-)

  2. Bev your yarn is looking wonderful!!! Congratulations on your spinning success!

  3. Bev! Those laceweight singles are AMAZING! You had the shortest learning curve EVER. What a spinner you've become!!

  4. All I can say is wow! Wish I could have spun that well so soon - keep it up cause you're a natural.

  5. Your spinning is coming right along...I envy you..

  6. I agree with Heather. WOW! You are a natural at the spinning Bev! You go!!

  7. Love the yarns and I am very jealous!!!!! I would love to learn to spin.

  8. Your spinning is fantastic! You can't tell me that you're new at this - I just don't believe it! Keep up the good work! -V


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