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Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's been a long, long time....

I haven't posted for a while and I am sorry to those who have been wondering what is going on. First, this month has been a little crazy for me because I have had numerous medical appointments that I have been blogging about on my other blog, Beverly's Journey. Also, I haven't been able to upload any pictures for a while. The computer that I use for my pictures died, but now it has been replaced so here we go!

I started these Moonlight Slipper Socks for Knitting Purls stash busting KAL, but wasn't able to complete them by the end of the KAL because a test knit I was working on had a deadline that couldn't wait. I have finally completed them and I must say that they are incredibly comfy. I don't know what the yarn is because it was just left over from other projects, though I suspect the blue is from a Caron One Pound. (I wish I could post a picture of the test knit, but I forgot to take one before I sent it out to the designer. Silly me.)
I started these Crochet Openwork Handwarmers as a simple project to work on at my surgical weight loss support meetings. They are made with Lion Brand Jiffy and are super warm for when I am on the computer or knitting, as my hands always seem to get cold.
The biggest time consumer for the month of May was spinning 1242 yards of 34-36 wpi lace-weight yarn on my Ashford Traditional SD. It was spun from 4 oz. of a merino and silk blend with a small amount of angelina mixed in. This beautiful blend was from the hands of CJKopec and it is her Envious Eyes colorway for her May SAL. (She runs monthly SALs and I encourage you to join in!) I am trying to decide which shawl pattern will it will be worked up into. I have included 2 pictures because I just can't get the color and sparkle to show properly in my photos. The first is obviously in natural light and the second is indoors. The actual color is a little bit of both.

Another thing that took so long about this spinning project was that I don't own a swift or a ball winder so I had quite a difficult process of winding up all this yardage after spinning and setting the twist. I am trying to save up to purchase those 2 items now that I have been through this project. It took me from 11:00 am on Friday until 2:30 am on Saturday to get this wound up with all the tangling that ensued. My only breaks were for the bathroom and meals! I will own those 2 pieces of equipment before I work on a project like this again.

Upcoming, I am awaiting delivery of the June SAL fiber from CJ Kopec Creations and for a Knit Picks yarn package for a Sweater KAL for Knitting Purls. Check back for details now that I can post pictures.


  1. Nex time, Bev, let me know. I have a ballwinder, niddy noddy, and swift and I'm only minutes away! I'd be happy to lend you whatever you need.

    Of course, then you'd have no reason to shop, right?

    Your yarn is FABULOUS. I'm so impressed!

  2. Love the slipper socks- great job!

  3. BEAUTIFUL. Everything is simply amazing! Love those slipper socks.

  4. I adore teh slipper socks!!! Now I need ot make some asap!


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