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Monday, August 31, 2009

Buttons From A Little South of Heaven

I got a nice little package today. About a week ago, while searching the net for buttons for a sweater I am making, I decided to see what was available on Ebay. I never win Ebay auctions, but it doesn't hurt to look. I came across several listings for large lots of buttons, and I do love buttons, so I bid on a couple. To my surprise I won one of the auctions of 170+ buttons for less than $10 including shipping.

I am someone who sees buttons as little jewels, or treasures, so I was very excited to open the package and rummage through them all. Fortunately, the seller wanted to make sure that everything arrived in very good condition, because it took me over 10 minutes to work my way through all the packaging! There to my surprise was this lovely picture frame, slide-top box. It was filled to the brim with lovely buttons and had a picture in the frame of a young woman doing needlework. I haven't decided if I will replace the picture yet, as I find it quite charming. What a wonderful bonus to come with my buttons!

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Now if I can just get my hands to stop sorting through the buttons long enough to finish the sweater!


  1. oh I love buttons too! A pal sent me a big box of them last year, and I find they come in useful all the time :-}

  2. Eeek!! I want those buttons!! :)

  3. My mother had a print of this painting on her wall for years. I think it's up in the attic.


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