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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spinning Fun!

I have been spinning for the CJ Kopec Creations August SAL on my Bellwether 1.6 oz. spindle. I have been using the spindle so that I can keep my legs elevated as they have been swelling quite a bit lately. So far, I have spun up about 50 yards of ww/bulky low twist singles. I am thinking that this very soft, squishy yarn will make a lovely cowl. (click on the picture to enlarge it)
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As you can see, I have found a new use for my TV tray holder. It works wonderfully to hold my spindle while I wind off the yarn. I am going to try using it for plying from spindles in the future, as the grooves that hold the trays in position seem to be perfect for my spindles.

Also, I have started using a bead as a diz for predrafting my roving. I have previously used the holes in a button, but that can create a thinner drafted roving than I desired. I am finding that the large hole in this bead is perfect in size, approx 4 mm, plus it is very smooth, so nothing catches on it.

My other revelation this week has been how to make and use a wrist distaff while spindling. I have seen a few pictures of wrist distaffs, but I didn't quite understand how they worked. Last night I came across this blog showing how to make your own wrist distaff, which looked simple enough. Then I wondered why or if I really need one. I found a video showing how to use one and decided that I would make one and take it out for a spin (lame pun intended).

In the photo collage above you will see how wonderfully it holds my fiber in place. I will never spindle without one again! Below is a better picture of the one I made. I think I will make another one with better yarn and beads, since this was just a quick trial with what I had within reach. Although, I must admit that the trial one works wonderfully!

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  1. Ok, I'm won over! I think I'll make one while I wait for my Spin Blade handspinner to arrive. :-}


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