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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello...hello...hello!  Is there anyone still out there?

In my distant last post, I briefly explained that I was ill so I couldn't post that week.  What I neglected to mention was that I was trying to get well in time to have hip replacement surgery.  The surgery on my left hip was done on March 1st and after 4 days in the hospital I went to a nursing home to rehab.  3 months after the left hip, I had the right hip done and spent another month in a nursing home.  I have just completed all of my out patient physical therapy and it is time to get myself back to what is important.  YARN!  Yes, projects were completed in the interim, but I miss sharing my yarny experiences with all of you.  (you are there aren't you?)

Now, I would like some feedback on a subject, please.  I am considering starting a WordPress blog.  I would appreciate any advice from other bloggers.  Is this advisable?  Should I try to move the content of this blog there or leave it here and just link to it?  Should I just leave this as it is and forget about WordPress?  Is there anything else that I really need to know that I don't know enough to know that I don't know?  Any thing you can constructively or amusingly share with my will be greatly appreciated!


  1. I don't know a lot about Word Press except the better editions of it cost money.But it's nice to see you back blogging :)


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