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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Harlot To The Rescue!

I was cabling along, minding my own business, when to my surprise I discovered a cable that meandered in the wrong direction about five (yes that is 5) rows back.  Ok, I have frogged 5 rows of multiple cables before.  I can handle this.  Take a sip of tea and breathe.

There must be another way to fix this, right?  I can't be the first person to cross a cable in the wrong direction.  This wasn't even the first time I had done it on this project!  Fortunately, I had caught the other misdirected cable crossing after just one row. 

Google is my friend.  Google will guide me to what I need to know.  So, I type in "fix a cable" and after I get a multitude of sites for fixing tv, dvr and computer cables, I realize that perhaps knitting should be mentioned in the search somewhere.  Google: fix knitted cable.  Okay, lots of results: videos-part 1 & 2, more videos, how-to, ...Yarn Harlot!  My knitting hero has help for me! 

I will not try to rewrite what she has so perfectly demonstrated and explained with humor and finesse.  I will just tell you it works like a charm!  I am back to working my project, cabling along, minding my own business.  Take a sip of tea and breathe....


  1. I know I read this waaay back when but I'd totally forgotten it. Thanks! I could have used this a couple of times with the Morris cardigan I'm making.

  2. I wish I had seen this about 10 months ago. I messed one silly little cable up in the beginning of a scarf for my bf, and didn't realize until the very end! Well, next time!


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