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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hello fellow fiber fanatics.  I'm sorry it has been so long since I last posted.  I have been frantically working on a multitude of projects to prepare to do my first craft sale.  The sale was today.  I sold a total of .......wait for it.......ONE HAT....ta da.

It was not a true craft fair, it was more like an indoor yard sale with a few crafters along for the ride.  As a result, most of the shoppers were looking for steals, not creations.  When someone mentioned that my $3.00 baby booties were over priced, I knew it was going to be a long day.  Fortunately for me, my sister was by my side with her wonderful creations, to keep me company.  Unfortunately for her, she was with me at the same dismal event.

My sister and I are planning to attempt selling at a true craft fair at the Airport Mall in Bangor, Maine on April 7rh, 2012.  On the bright side, since we didn't sell much of our inventory, we won't have to prepare much for this craft fair.  Hopefully, this will be a better market for our items and we will be more successful.

If I have any readers who are knitters and/or crocheters out there who do craft fairs, could you advise me about what sells well?  What should I be designing and creating?  What should I produce for the summer market?  I will greatly appreciate any advice you can share with me for a successful craft fair.

Happy Creativity to you all!


  1. Aww Poo. I'm sorry the day went so bad for you. But yes, the bright side is that you don't have to make so much stuff for the next sale. And, $3 is NOT overpriced for handmade booties. I bet they'd pay MORE from a retail store.

  2. Hi Beverly,

    Your $3 booties were NOT overpriced is right! I'm sorry your day wasn't more productive. I'm sure your items were beautiful, but you didn't have the right audience.

    I have done craft fairs over the years generally for non-profit organizations and schools. People come to those events and to flea markets looking for a good buy and your time/talents are rarely rewarded.

    You might try opening an on line store. I did that a year ago (Etsy) and am very happy with the results. You make what you want, put it in the shop, the store stays open while you sleep, and when it sells you mail it out. You don't have to lug your merchandise in and out of a craft fair where it gets worn, dirty, or even worse, disappears!

    All the best with your sales! It can be so very rewarding when people find things they what to buy that you have made.

    Happy Sunday,

  3. Duh! I just looked in your sidebar and see you have an Etsy Shop! Your items are beautiful. :)


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