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Monday, April 23, 2012


Recently I have been having a blast with beads!  I have been making spiral crochet bead necklaces and bracelets and loving it.  It takes me quite a while to string all the beads so that I can make them, but it is so satisfying to create.

I think I will have to invest in a bead spinner to speed up the bead stringing process.  Also, I need to get some better display props for taking the photos of the pieces for this blog, Ravelry, and my Etsy shop.

Once I became proficient at this technique, I started looking for more beading challenges.  I found an ebook on Amazon that demonstrated a wonderful beading method for making rings:  Simple Seed Bead Rings You Can Make by Janis Websdale.  It is very easy to follow with good photos and it only cost $3.99 to download to my Kindle Cloud Reader (this is a free Kindle app from Amazon).  This pearl and blue ring is my first attempt at a project from the ebook.

Now, just in case you wonder where the yarn went in my life, have no fear.  I have several WIPs of yarny goodness in progress, so stay tuned for more.

Happy Creativity to you all!


  1. Very pretty beads. And, they are my favorite color. :) I've crocheted with beads, too, and use them from time to time for various projects. They are fun to work with.

  2. I love to see finished products made from my patterns! Looks great btw. Thanks so much for posting your work and the positive comments.


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