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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday's Temptation

I have a yarn holder that I really love.  It is a lazy susan style that makes it so much easier to control my yarn as I work on my project.

Recently, while exploring on Facebook, I found an unread message that had been sent to me.  I don't know how it got missed, but it was a very nice message that complimented my blog and then told me about his yarn holders.  I very much wish I had seen it back when he sent it because first, I dislike that I inadvertently ignored him and second, his designs are amazing!

Yarn Lazy Susan has a Facebook page and once you see the pictures of his yarn holders you will want one.  I just know it!  His designs are able to manage multiple skeins which would be fabulous for colorwork projects.  He makes the holders with 1 to 4 posts and they are very reasonably priced.  He takes orders through his facebook page which I linked to above, so please click on over and check out the amazing workmanship and the colors available.  You won't be sorry!

Stay yarn crazy my friends!

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