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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ravelympics Event #2

What did I decide to cast on? It was the Rainy Day Scarf from Unique One Sweaters & Yarn. The pattern is simple and clearly written and I am finding it easy to keep on track while watching the Olympic coverage. There is a 32 row repeat to the pattern so a row counter is a must for me. I have 2 photos here to show you how very different the lighting is in my living room which is why I have a difficult time capturing the color accurately in photos. Again, my walker is the display piece ;)
The yarn was purchased by my Mother at a yard sale. It is Orlon Sayelle, 4 ply, worsted weight in the Aqua colorway. I am not fond of this yarn, and I hope it softens with washing, but the price was right. I am knitting on Takumi bamboo US size 9 circs. It should be working up faster than it is, but my hands and wrists are starting to ache from the knitting frenzy of the Ravelympics! I am off to the first aid tent. Ha!


  1. Now that is some old yarn! (gotta love the labels) Pretty colour.

    Acrylic on bamboo needles can be a bit sticky so that might be part of the wristache issue.

    Scarf looks great! Go Bev Go!

  2. The scarf is lookin' good! Woohoo!

  3. My pictures *never* accurately reflect the color I'm trying to capture.
    I love that pattern. I added it to my ravelry faves. you are doing a great job.

  4. You're on your second project already? I'm impressed! Loved the baby hat, by the way.

  5. Wow! You're flying along there.


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