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Monday, August 25, 2008

Final Ravelympics Results

I hope that you all enjoyed watching the 2008 Summer Olympics as much as I did. All of the athletes were amazing! I was not impressed with NBC's coverage of the events, and because of that I watched many of the events on CBC out of Canada.

As for the last 2 Ravelympic events that I signed up for, I only got one project completed. I know, I will have to train much harder for the winter Olympics. The final one that I did complete was for the mitten medley, From the Top Down Mittens by Mei Lynne Travis. I love this pattern because I am able to make them two at a time on two circs, so both mittens are completed at the same time. I used Bernat Berrella in Aqua on 2 size 5 circulars and I used size 3 dpns for the cuffs.
The event project that I didn't complete was for the sock put, The Basic Sock Recipe by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I used Patons Kroy Jacquards in the Tutti-Frutti colorway, which is a self-striping sock yarn, so this is really a no-brainer, but I simply ran out of time. I am knitting on a 2.5mm circ with a 47" cable. I was able to turn the heel on this 1st sock during the closing ceremonies so they are a bit more along than the picture shows.
So here are the Ravelympic medals that I won for completing 3 of the events that I entered, the Hat Dash, the Scarf Stroke, and the Mitten Medley. I am so glad that I participated in this first Ravelympics and I look forward to the next one. I want to express my gratitude and admiration for the wonderful people at Ravelry for the amazing job they did in running everything!

Finally, I am proud to say that all of the participants, from many countries around the world, showed wonderful sportsmanship and to my knowledge, no steroids were found in any of the ravathletes. Isn't it great to have a controversy free, international event!


  1. Nice job on the mittens, Beve...and I'm loving the way the socks are coming out. Very nice colorway!

  2. Wow Bev! You did an awesome job with the Ravelympics this time around! Way to go. :)

  3. Three medals! Go you!! Love the mittens. Great color.

  4. ROFL, no roids, that _IS_ a good thing!!!

    CONGRATS on the medals, sweetie! That is AWESOME :)

  5. Bev - email me at deniseATclearcreeklavenderDOTcom and I'll tell you more about the beading technique!

  6. you did a great job....I'm not good at following rules, so I had to make up my own Olympics....but I agree that the CBC coverage was terrific.

  7. Great job. Love the mittens. You're sheep scared me, was wondering what was making that sound. :)


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