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Sunday, September 21, 2008


When I became disabled, I moved back to my home town so that my family could help me, but I don't want to bug them too much. Since I have trouble walking, I have to depend on others to get out and go places. So, sometimes I feel a little isolated or trapped. Because of this, my online friends are probably more special to me than they know. I cherish my friends and the laughter they bring into my life.

Sometimes friends can surprise you too. I mean really surprise you. One friend, who insists on remaining anonymous, did that in a big way this week. She sent me a gift box....OF YARN!...and oh, what yarn it is. I was so overwhelmed by her generosity that I told her that I was going to send it back to her, to which she replied with threats to my well being and destruction of my walker. She also said that we would look quite foolish sending the package back and forth and back and forth, etc. The following pictures are of the yarn that she sent.

Yup, that last one is Wollmeise! Can you believe this ? I know I am still in shock. I keep cradling it and petting it. I have never felt such a beautiful yarn in my life. She also picked the most perfect colorway she could have for me! I think it will ultimately become a Clapotis Scarf, once I am able to stop cuddling it and then take my pointy sticks to it.

Well, now I have a problem, don't I. How do I properly thank her for this incredible act of kindness and generosity? Unfortunately, I cannot afford to thank her in kind, but I must find a meaningful thank you, because my words just seem so inadequate. This is going to take some thought.


  1. I would use some of the yarn she sent you and knit her a shawl/scarf/socks/whatever.

    and lucky lucky you!

  2. I understand how it is to have to be dependent. I'm going downhill fast.

    Very kind of your annon. donor. Maybe make something nice for her in return.

  3. I think this post was one way of thanking her for her generosity. I'm sure she is delighted with how happy you are. Enjoy the beautiful goodies. You must be well loved. :)

  4. What a beautiful person to send you such a great pkg! I'm sure she knows how much this meant, and you appreciating it the way you do is thanks enough. I agree with a previous commenter that if you HAVE to do something, you could make something special for her. :-)

  5. How wonderful!I think posting your thanks, sharing your excitement,and preserving her anonymity are good ways to say thanks....and maybe someday you might be able to share some yarny love with someone else? - oh and post photos of whatever you make!


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