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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crocheting with Cotton

I was checking out a new shop in my little town that has a very eclectic stock and found some Red Heart yarn hidden around a corner and one lonely cone of Peaches & Creme double worsted cotton.  I had never heard of double worsted cotton so I just had to buy it. (Through Ravelry I found that it has been discontinued)

Once I got it home, it seemed to be too heavy for dishcloths so I just started swatching with it to see what size hook I liked with it and what I might dream up.  This Easter-like basket is it.  I think the color may have influenced me.  I knit it quite tightly on a J-hook so that it would stand up on its own.  I believe I have enough yarn left on the cone to make another basket.  I will write the pattern down this time so I can share it with you. (Peeking out from the basket is my current sock project, but my sister might read this so I won't say any more about it).

Last night mamaslittlemonkeys (from plurk) posted a link to a dishcloth KAL/CAL that she hosts each month on Ravelry.   I had been working on the socks in the basket above and the chart was messing with my head, so a dishcloth sounded wonderfully relaxing to me.  I joined her KAL/CAL, and the picture to the left is this afternoons result.  It is Peaches & Creme Stripes in the Stars and Stripes forever colorway.

I almost exclusively reserve cotton for dishcloths, but the basket has got me thinking of other things to do with it.  What do you make with cotton?

Happy creativity to you all!


  1. There are some great market bag patterns out there that use cotton. My favorite is actually a LionBrand pattern called the Green Market Tote. It's a four row (knit) repeat lace pattern that is so easy and works up really fast into a cute bag!

  2. Thank you, Karin! That is a great idea!

  3. The basket is very cheerful and eastery! Screams spring. I've actually never knit with cotton before, so I don't have any answer to that question, but I've been seriously debating starting to make some dishcloths.

  4. Hello,
    I love the basket and heart dishcloth. I cannot seem to find a pattern for the dishcloth :( I would love a copy if possible. I would love to make these for mothers day and gift to my mom =)

    1. Thank you Vivian! The pattern for the heart shaped dishcloths is available at


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