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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sweater Envy & Shopping My Stash

Why is it that i can knit or crochet any baby sweater pattern that I find, but I cannot make a sweater for myself that I like when it is finished?  I am so envious of knitters who have lovely sweaters that they knit for themselves and actually wear those sweaters.  I'm envious for several reasons, such as:

  • That you are skinny, so you can afford really nice yarn for your sweater, as it only requires 2 skeins when I need 10 skeins, so I settle for yarn that will not make me happy.
  • That you are skinny, so you can knit a sweater in a week, while I need a year to complete my size.  (Are you sensing a theme here?)
  • That the pattern fits your skinny body, just as it is written, but I must alter every pattern for my super-size, lumpy-bumpy, extra curvy body. (Theme continuation)
  • That you can seemingly wear your sweaters all year round, while I need it to be sub-zero so that I don't perspire to the point of becoming a felted wool puddle.
I'll stop with just those points, simply because I don't like myself for even thinking these negative thoughts to list them, but truthfully, I do get so frustrated that those thoughts run through my mind.  The "theme" seems peevish and I realize that it sounds like I don't accept any accountability for why I need 10 skeins.  I am very well aware that I am responsible for how obese I am.

Unfortunately, this week I let my frustration spill out in a Ravelry forum asking why designers don't take x, y, and z into consideration when writing a pattern?  Essentially, I was selfishly asking why don't the designers write all of their pattern specifically for ME?  I was couching my questions in the guise of "all of us plus-sized people", but in retrospect, it was all about me.  I am so very sorry.

Fortunately, the responses were not mean.  Instead I was educated.  A lot of what they posted, I knew, but apparently needed a kind reminder.  Some posted from the designers perspective and some as knitters.  I am grateful to them all.  

I did know that it is impossible to write a pattern that will work perfectly for every body, but at that moment, I needed to be reminded.  What I didn't realize is that rarely is a pattern perfect for even most of the knitters.  Almost everyone needs to learn how to customize a pattern for individual body specifics and preferences.  I need to learn how to customize patterns for my body specifics and my fit preferences JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.   Can you say wake-up call?  Yeah.  

I have decided to make this year my year of sweaters.  I am hoping to learn and grow in my understanding of the construction and customization of sweaters to fit me personally.  By the end of the year I would like to design a sweater specifically for me.  My first step is to take the Craftsy class, Fit Your Knits. The forum responses also recommended that I check out a couple of other resources that I want follow up on and to share:
The first sweater I am casting on is the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.  I chose this sweater because one of my reasons listed above for not liking a pattern is that I need it to be extremely cold before I can wear it or I get overheated.  I will be using lace weight yarn for the Featherweight cardigan so I am hoping that it will address that issue.   

I was also put off by how much it costs for me to make a sweater in my size.  I decided to try to find enough yarn in my stash, even if I had to use several different yarns by striping it.  What I found was a yarn I had forgotten I owned, Elegant Yarns Athena in the 202 pink colorway.  I have 4 skeins which equal 3200 yards, more than enough to do the largest size of the sweater.  Best of all, I purchased the yarn at Marden's Discount for only $2.50 per skein.  My sweater will cost $10.  Shopping my stash FTW!
In an effort to not get too distracted from this mission (SQUIRREL!!!) I have cast on for the Featherweight cardigan.  Since this pattern is miles of stockinette, I figured that I wouldn't have to try learning fitting techniques while trying to maintain a stitch pattern.

All of this is speculation on my part since this will be a learning process.  I will TRY to blog about this journey.  If you have been to this blog before or taken a quick look back at prior posts, then you know that I am not a consistent blogger, so I will not make any promises that I am not sure that I can keep.  Thank you for stopping by and if you have any advice or comments, please leave them below for me.

I hope you stay yarn crazy!

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  1. It looks good so far, Bev! I have the tailored sweater pattern and have always been too lazy to do it. Maybe I should - after I finish the laceweight sweater for me we talked about today!


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