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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free cuppa & Should I Frog?

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Now that you have some coffee, should I or shouldn't I frog? I have only completed 5 pairs of socks in my knitting lifetime. Only one of those pairs did I keep for myself and they are too big, too loosely knit, and they are acrylic. I am currently working on my 2nd pair of toe-up socks which I intend to keep for myself. I turned the heel and I have started ribbing as these are meant to be ankle socks. I attempted to try the sock on and it is just a little snug. I like the gauge and I am using a wonderful yarn, STR lightweight. I would like to know if other, more experienced knitters think that more negative ease or positive ease is better. Which will wear better? Which will be more comfortable? I know that the one pair of acrylic socks that I have bunch up too much if I try to wear them in shoes or boots, so I don't want to make that mistake again. Please give me your opinion, so that I can decide how to proceed. Thank you!


  1. Personally, I like socks a little snug. If I were you I'd base it on other socks I own (commercial or otherwise) on how you like the fit. If you like your socks more snug, don't frog. If you like a bit of breathing room, frog! Also keep in mind things can change a little when you wash them. You could always wash it and see if you like it still and if not, frog it then.

  2. I like my socks to hug my feet. I have a few pair of wool socks I on;t wear over others, because they are too loose.

  3. I will always try to err on the side of snug. After you wear them they will loosen up, so you want them to be fairly snug to start.

  4. Snug here too unless they're meant as bed socks. Then I want them loose enough to kick off easily. Just be sure they're long enough. The main drawback to toe-ups is that if you get the length wrong, it's a lot of ripping back.

  5. I vote for a bit snug. But, if you still have some ribbing to do and you think they might be a bit too snug, go up a needle size.

  6. I'd frog and give yourself a little bit more ease in the foot. Else it will always be stretched a little too tight and your shoes might wear it down faster since it's already stressed.

  7. I'm wondering what size needle you are using? I would frog them (as a matter of fact, I did just that very thing for a sock that was too tight). If you were using a size 1, switch to a size 2. Or, add more stitches if you are doing plain stockinette. You can do it Bev!!

  8. A *little* snug is comfy (emphasis on the little), though it does stretch the stitches which can wear it out faster. But I've had too big socks and you're right... very annoying to wear.
    So I think you'll have to decide how much snug are they and how long do you want them to last. Make a choice by balancing the pros and cons.
    Well, I'm of no help huh?


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