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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some knitting, finally!

Okay, I have dug out the camera and taken some pictures. Perhaps I should have warned you to sit down for that shocking news. I really haven't been knitting that much, or at least not that productively, since the holiday knitting ended. I have been rather fickle about projects, starting and then just frogging the whole thing to start something else. I have no interest in my WIPs at all.

I have finished two projects. The first is a pair of fingerless mitts for.....hold onto your whatevers ....ME! My hands get achy and cold while I knit and crochet, so I decided I need at least one pair of these handy mitts to help me be more comfortable. I may have accidentally discovered a new addiction. Watch out socks, here come the mitts! These are Mirror Twist Mitts designed by Rachel Maxson and made up in Schachenmayr Nomotta Regia Jacquard in the Farbe Partie colorway. The only changes I made to the pattern were to cast on 12 more stitches to accommodate my fat hands(the designer advises adding multiples of 6 stitches to enlarge) and I added matching ribbing to the thumbs.The next project was just easy fun. A cute Starfish Cloth designed by Sew-Funky and made up in Sugar & Cream cotton. Finally, I currently have on my needles a scarf that I am calling Cotton Candy Haze Scarf that I am working up in Berroco Classic Mohair on US size 10.5 needles. What have you been knitting or crocheting? Do you make things mostly for yourself or mostly for others? Do you go through phases in your knitting where, perhaps you only make socks, or only do lace or colorwork? Please share with me in the comments.


  1. Hey Bev, I knit for myself about... 75% of the time. My last last four projects were a sweater, mitts & socks for me and gloves for a friend. This ratio is sometimes (but not always) reversed around holidays :)

  2. oh i just love the starfish cloth! so pretty!

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  4. I *heart* the fingerless mitts and washcloth. Very nice!

    Right now I'm knitting for myself and DS. I made him a pair of socks for his 4th birthday and he was so excited about them and I had a hard time getting them off his feet this morning so I could wash them.

    deleted to correct bad grammar. :-)

  5. i love those gloves. been itching to make some for myself. with all this yarn I've been dyeing, i think i need to make some.

    I gasped when i saw the's so cute and looks like fun to knit.

  6. Ooh, I love mohair and the star cloth is very cute!
    I pick projects that I like to knit. Rarely do I know who I will give it to until after it's done. Around Christmas time I sit down and dole out all the knits that still don't have homes.

  7. I knit and sew for others. I keep saying I will make something for myself but it never seems to happen. I feel so good giving my handknit items to someone who appreciates them. I am working on socks right now and just finished a baby quilt.

  8. LOVE the starfish cloth!! And the mohair..... whoa baby!!

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  11. I love the way that yarn worked up in the mitts. So cool.

    I don't think I've been knitting long enough to go through phases, but it would be nice if I could get something finished so I could start a phase! =D


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