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Monday, February 23, 2009

Shelves? What Shelves?

Yeah, we don't have any shelves put together yet. My stash is still a disorganized pile of boxes and bags with yarny bits spilling out. I have failed, again.

We took each part of the first shelving unit out and carefully laid them out. We were sure that we could do this. We had found the tool box and prepared for battle. Then, we read the instructions. YIKES! Nothing was labeled as the instructions indicated that it should be. We were overwhelmed from the start. We just kept staring at the garble on the page like it would suddenly decipher itself and we would become carpenters. Nope, none of that for us. We carefully put everything back in the box and added it to the mountain of stash boxes. Now, we must wait for a kind but overworked family member to take mercy on us.

As for knitting. I have almost completed one ankle sock for the Knitting Purls Toe-Up Sock KAL. My other WIPs are sitting in the pile, waiting for attention.


  1. Don't you just love it when things don't go together the way you think they should.
    I am hoping to make a pair of "toe up" socks some day but just can't get the hang of starting them...any hints for me

  2. Yep, that was our experience with shelves too. I'm still working out of crates.
    Have you tried the see-through plastic drawers that they sell at Walmart? They are great: See-through, stackable, and no assembly required (besides stacking them on top of each other).


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