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Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Deserve A Happy Place!

Recently, a dear friend of mine told me she was having trouble getting motivated to work on her crafts because it took so long to set it all up and put it all away afterwards. She loves to do mosaics. I can only imagine that the set up process is much more involved for mosaics than any of my fiber related interests, but in the past I have said that it would be too much trouble to find my needles and the right yarn, only to knit for 15 minutes. So I do understand her quandary.

Around the same time, Sheri at The Loopy Ewe asked her blog readers to tell her about their knitting nooks. I had just rearranged and reorganized mine in an exhaustive effort (with the invaluable assistance of my beautiful sister) and proudly described my Knitting Nest, as I called it.

These two seemingly insignificant events got me to thinking. If our hobbies bring some measure of joy into our lives, don't we deserve a little dedicated happy place for them? I'm talking about a space that makes it convenient and easy to practice the creativity that our souls desire. If you knit and are one of those rare ducks who doesn't require a huge stash, then a comfy chair with a basket next to it may be all you need. The point is, it is there waiting for you to partake of the relaxation and creative outlet that will enrich your life. You deserve this place.

I live in a very small apartment. I have what I call my knitting nest. The center is my motorized lift chair, with a Seraphina Shawl draped over the back so I can pull it over me. The side pocket of the chair contains remotes and a pouch of knitting accessories (scissors, various kinds of stitch markers, a crochet hook, yarn needles, etc). The right side of the chair has 2 side-by-side book cases. One is filled with craft books, binders and magazines. The other bookcase is the nerve center of my world. The bottom shelf holds a multitude of cords and power strips. Next shelf up holds my laptop, camera, cellphone and all chargers. (A coaster is nestled in there for my tea cup.) The top 3 shelves hold yarn for my planned projects. The very top of the bookcase, displays my spindles and my button collection. Clamped to the bookcase is an Ott light. On the side of the bookcase, I have attached hooks to hold an assortment of project bags with WIPs for quick access. Next to that is the spinning wheel. On the left side of my lift chair is a project basket to work out of, my Namaste needle binder and my large, kidney-shaped lap desk leans there at the ready. I have to admit that there is a closet full of yarn and fiber storage too, but let’s not go there.

Please, take the time to set give yourself a space that is designed for the activity that you love. A place that facilitates your creative outlet. You are worth the effort. You Deserve A Happy Place!


  1. I am in the midst of creating a "real" crafting room. For 10 years I have been storing books and supplies in plastic bins in the guest room. I finally saved up enough to buy proper cabinets and bookcases. They have been assembled and now I am transferring yarn (the books/dvds/videos are done) into the cabinets. I am happier already. I should be done by Feb.

    aka Beverly
    dba paletpc

  2. I have been there too. I started on the porch and moved to the spare back bedroom. When that was over crowded I moved to the studio in the barn that my husband built me. I can write my poetry there, spin yarn, knit, sew, dye wool, card wool, make jewelry and work on my pottery there. I promised my husband that I would never teach myself another craft to do. Well...this year anyway. Teri.


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