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Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm a Loopy Groupy!!!

I ordered a skein of Wollmeise from TLE (The Loopy Ewe)and I was very confused when the box it arrived in was much larger than I expected. I opened it to find out that I was now a member of the loopy groupies!
I received this wonderful TLE bag, with a Romney Ridge (their in Maine!) calendar, and a Lacy Pillars Socks pattern, all for free! They even included some tootsie rolls. This Fiesta Baby Boom yarn in the Coyote colorway was included for free too! It is soft, squooshy and yummy. Then, of course, there was the skein of Wollmeise Twin 80/20 that I had ordered in the Hortensie colorway. This picture doesn't do justice to the incredible saturation of color. Larry is holding my 0.95 oz. DIY Bellwether spindle that I have been using to spin some natural pencil rovings that I got at Bartlett Yarns Mill during my field trip. The Wollmeise is resting on the pencil rovings.

I guess that is it for now. Time to fondle some yarn!


  1. How fun!!!!
    You deserve as many wonderful surprises as come your way :-}

  2. Hi Beverly, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a note. My word of warning is once you start felting balls, you may not be able to stop, lol! They are wonderful for stitching too, so easy on the hands, I can't do much hand stitching because of joint issues myself, but I never have problems working on these. BTW, I am a fellow Maniac, originally from Kittery, I haven't lived in ME since I was a teen, but the majority of my family still lives in the New England area.


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