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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I've Got Mail

Oh boy, do I have mail. Ray is finally getting used to all the little packages that arrive in the mail, because I see craft things online that I want. Fortunately, most patterns I purchase are pdf downloads, so there aren't as many deliveries as there could be! I thought I would share a few of my recent purchases with you.

From TLE (The Loopy Ewe) I got the Lace Rib Raglan sweater pattern in plus sizing. It is a top down pattern, which is my preferred way to make a sweater.Along with the pattern I got their Safe Socks mesh bag. I will be using it not only for my hand knit socks, but also for washing some alpaca fiber that I have, which needs to be cleaned before I can spin it.

Sorry about the fuzzy photo, but this cute little stitch marker was included in my TLE package as a Loopy extra. I love the little surprises that they add to my purchases!
The following purchases are from Knitcellaneous. I just discovered this retailer while searching for inexpensive shawl sticks. Theirs are the least expensive that I could find anywhere, and yet they are a very nice quality! They were only $5.00 USD each. I am very pleased with them. I also got their kitchener stitch dog tag to remind me of how to do it.
Another little package arrived yesterday from TLE, but I haven't taken pics yet. I think I will wait until the package that I just got e-mail notice about arrives and then take pics all at once.


  1. I'm waiting for my Woolemeise to come -- and then I need to place a KnitPicks for more needle tips and that Knitcellaneous looks interesting because I could use a couple of new shawl fasteners. It's amazing how it all adds up -- but if it's legal and keeps us happy I guess it's worth it.

  2. Nice haul! I particularly like the dog tag...I have to look up kitchener stitch every time I need to do it!

  3. Where's Larry?
    I have that same top pattern. I've had it quite a while, but I've not made it yet.

    Incidentally, if you like her patterns, several are available on Patternfish as PDF downloads.

  4. I love getting stuff in the mail :-}
    Even just a kitty food product sample LOL.
    I got my new handspinner yesterday, and Priscilla Gibson-Roberts ethnic sock boo the day before. I'm spoiled this week!

  5. A kitchener stitch dog tag? THAT is a brilliant idea. Seriously.

    And great shawl sticks. Only $5? Wow. I may have to invest in a few myself now that I'm into shawls.


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