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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Help Miss Violet Escape!

Without divulging any personal details, Miss Violet, aka Elli, of the famous Lime and Violet podcast, Happy Housewife Sundries, Oak River Township, and many more lovely yarny things really needs to escape her current living situation, and needs legal help to evacuate from her toxic marriage.
As a way to thank her for being a wonderfully creative, inspiring, and fantastically interesting person, several of us have decided to donate some or all of our profits to her cause.

This list will probably grow as the days progress, and I will try to keep it current with how long everyone is in for! Please click on the following link to find a full list of ways that you can donate or participate: . I hope you will find it in your heart to help. Thank you!


  1. Oh man, how awesome is the knitting/fiber community that something like this can happen. We take care of our own, we do. I really wish I had profits to donate (not having any being a side effect of being an unemployed grad student), but I just thought I'd post and tell you how awesome you, and everyone else is for helping like this.

  2. Hi Beverly1 Just a note to say I gave you an award.. see my post on Sunday's blog :-}


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