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Monday, September 14, 2009

I Got a Spindolyn!

Yes, I got a Spindolyn and I love it! It is a supported spindle, but better than traditional supported spindles. It leaves both hands free to work with the fiber.

I purchased both the Tenor and the Soprano spindles to go with the Castle base. The following picture is of the Soprano spindle with some singles that I spun on it.

The next one is the Tenor spindle and it has a few yards of some of my handspun that I plied on it. Neither of these spindles hold as much yarn as any of my other spindles, but it is much more convenient and easy for me to use in my lift chair.For more information about Spindolyns and to purchase one or many go to


  1. Those are some very neat little contraptions there. And some beautiful yarn to accent them! =D


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