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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday...Stop The Insanity!!!

Shoppers pepper-sprayed in California!

Shooting outside a California Walmart, 1 wounded.

Reports of gunfire at Cross Creek Mall, in Fayetteville, NC.

These are just a few of the many incidents reported in the national news today.  Who thinks this is fun?  Why is big business permitted to instigate this feeding frenzy?  Do people realize that their children see them acting like this and think it is normal or even desirable behavior?

I know that this blog is typically about my crafts, but I am so upset to think that anyone I care about might think that they should either risk their life, or commit a crime to get me or anyone else the "perfect gift".  NO!  I don't need any item in the world that much. No one should need a big screen tv, laptop, or gaming system that much.  Where are our priorities?  Have we forgotten what this season is really all about?

I must be getting old. I remember Christmas shopping as fun, not dangerous.  It didn't involve adults having tantrums or committing criminal acts.  Holiday shopping was local, and involved thoughtfulness about the people you were going to give gifts to.  It was the thought that counted, not the number of gifts or amount spent.  I knew I was going to get the hand knit mittens from my Grammie every Christmas (no surprise there) and I was taught to be grateful, say thank you for all the hard work and time that she put into making them.  They probably cost less than $2, but they meant something to me.  Why isn't this being taught to our children now?  

I'm sure that someone will tell me that Black Friday's insanity doesn't preclude children being taught appreciation of what they get, but I just can't agree.  The violence is becoming the norm.  Everyone seems to be desensitized to it and thinks "isn't that a shame", even as they make plans to participate in the insanity.  I observe on television that people are out there with their children, putting them in harms way and teaching them this so-called "competitive shopping". 

Let's try something different.  How about we all go to local small stores and casually shop while we really think about who we are buying for?  Lets make some of the gifts with our own hands or better yet, with our families!  If you really need some savings, don't pile the gifts so high.  Who says more gifts equals more love?  

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