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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Computer hiccups

I haven't been online for a little while because my computer decided it needs a vacation. I don't know what is wrong with it, but hopefully one of my ever so talented and kind brothers will take a look at it and see if it is salvagable. Until then, my very generous mother has lent me a cpu that she had in storage and I am getting by with that. I miss my bookmarks!!!!

With all the down time I had, I was able to get some crocheting done. The Sweet Sweater that I have been working on is almost finished, except.....I have run out of the thread I was using. I need about another 4" of crochet to make it long enough for me to be comfortable with the coverage. Since this is not a retail fiber, I will not be able to purchase more. I am in a quandry as to how to proceed from here. This will take some thought.

While I was pondering the previous problem, I made Pam Gillette's "Hot Pink Bracelet Purse". This is such a handy little thing. It holds my license, debit card and keys, while leaving my hands free to shop or whatever.
Now I am whip stitching together some granny squares that I made several years ago and left in my craft closet. There are enough for a lapghan that I will donate to the nursing home that my mother works in. I should have that completed tonight.
I have decided that I am not allowed to start another project until I finish my sister-in-laws afghan, which I promised to her ages ago. She is recuperating from surgery on some disks in her neck and I wish I could be there to cheer her up. I keep stalling on this project because I am afraid that the cross-stitch motifs that I have designed won't be good enough, so all the hard work and hundreds of hours will be for nothing. I have to stop letting the fear of failure keep me from trying. I have done that all my life and I guess this is going to be a life lesson for me. I just don't want to disappoint my sister-in-law.
Well, that is all for now. If this computer is willing I will post again tomorrow.

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