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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Knit & Crochet community addiction...ugh.

I haven't got much to post about my projects because I haven't gotten much done on them lately. This is because I am online far too much in the knitting and crocheting communities, forums and websites. How I loath to admit it.

Until February of 2008, I didn't know that they existed online and I felt all alone in my yarn obsessions. I don't know why I never before thought to search the net for knitting and crocheting resources. Then I found Ravelry....YIPEE! I love everything about Ravelry and I am grateful it exits. For those of you not familiar with Ravelry, it is a community for knitters, crocheters, spinners and anyone associated with those things. It has provided me with organization of my projects, craft books and future projects. There I can find many patterns and people who understand my interests. The sub-groups are too numerous to list and encompass a wide variety of peoples personalities and interests. (i.e. knitters and crocheters who like Mike Rowe)

But...and this is a big but...finding Ravelry led to me discovering so many other forums which tempt and distract me. This has me online for longer than I ever intend to be and way past my physical comfort zone, as I am in chronic pain. Also, if I am on the net, I am not holding any yarn in my hands!!! This is not a good thing. I pledge that I am going to cut back on my internet time...really, I am, I think...hmmmmm.

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