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Friday, May 16, 2008

Scarves From the Heart

Recently, I stumbled upon Scarves From the Heart and I decided that this is something that I can contribute to. I am on disability, so my funds are extremely limited and I primarily make things for my family as inexpensive, yet loving gifts. Scarves are one of those wonderful things that you can put together from left over bits and pieces from other projects. The more different things they come from, the more colorful and cheerful they will be. So for the past week I have been working on making some scarves to send in and here they are. (As you will see, it has been a rather productive week for scarves)

#1. A scrap scarf, crocheted of 2 worsted weight acrylics from different baby afghans I had made years ago. I just chained 100 and single crocheted in the back loop only for a ribbed effect.
#2 & #3. These scarves are the Spring Scarf pattern by Pam Gillette. The green scarf is crocheted of acrylic yarn that I received in a box from Ray's mom. The blue scarf is crocheted from acrylic yarn left over from one of my nephews afghans.

#4 & #5. The first Spiral Scarf is crocheted of the same blue yarn in the Spring Scarf above. The second one is crocheted of a red/black twist acrylic yarn that I recycled from a sweater that my mother used to own. (sorry the lighting is bad)
#6 & #7. These two scarves I hung side by side because they are knitted in the same yarn and needle, but one is done side-to-side and the other lengthways with Fun Fur Stripes in Mexicali and I find it interesting how different they look.

#8 & #9. These two scarves are crocheted in Fun Fur, but the labels were gone so I do not know the specific color or type of fun fur. I got them from a liquidator for only $1 per skein, so the price was right!

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