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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday's Temptation

I love this stuff!  What stuff you may ask?  Lavishea!

On my recent Quilt Shop Hop, I discovered Lavishea lotion bars.  The one I purchased is the lemon grass scent and it is wonderful.  I have been using it on my hands and elbows for 2 weeks now with fantastic results.  It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy, it is long lasting on my skin, and the scent is light and refreshing.  Also, because it is a lotion bar, you never get too much out of container, so the product lasts a long time and it won't spill or leak in your purse or project bag.

The Lemon Grass scent that I purchased only has 3 ingredients: fair trade shea butter, pure soy, and fragrance.  Check out to find a store near you that sells it or to buy it online.  Happy Creativity to you All!

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  1. Ohh lala! I remember you mentioning these in chat the other day. I will have to find some of this and try it!


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