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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I hate deadlines. Period. When I start a project that has a deadline, I know from the beginning, that it won't be completed until moments before it is due, usually. Sometimes it will take a bit longer, especially if I get distracted. (shiny objects? No, but close.)

Lately I have been online much more than I would like to admit. I am in pain while sitting here in this chair, but still I persist. Ever since I discovered the online knitting and crochet communities I have been addicted to the camaraderie of those with similar interests.

Now, I have been lured in, unsuspectingly may I add, to a new time wasting online space. Plurk. I was reading a wonderful knitting blog and clicked on the plurk link out of curiosity. I found a myriad of talented crafters to plurk with. I must warn you that plurking is highly addictive and fun. Please click the Plurk link with extreme caution lest you be drawn into the vortex of addictive plurking. If you are drawn in, relax and give me a shout out. We will all have good times. Wow, have I been away from the plurkdom this long??? Gotta go............

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