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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nanner Socks!

Let me ask you this: Have you heard enough about Plurk from me yet? Well, an amazing and generous designer with whom I plurk, Wendy Johnson, designed a sock pattern to represent the dancing banana emoticon that we plurkers seem to be fascinated with and she shared it with me. Yes, ME! I am so honored and grateful.

Last night (actually in the wee hours of the morning...insomniac, ugh) I decided that I would make my socks in Cascade Heritage Paints. The colorway is not named but is a blue/green/purple variegation. I don't own the size 0 circs, so I am casting onto dpns. I googled a toe up cast on and settled on Judy's Magic Cast-on . It took me 2 attempts, but I have the first sock on my needles and have started the increases for the toe!

Now, if anyone has ever read my blog, you know that I said I was going to try not to start another project until I completed the dreaded afghan, but I just couldn't resist! Nanner socks are plurk related, so they feed into my newest addition plurklectly, umm...I mean perfectly.

Also, my wonderful brothers stopped in this afternoon to visit. This is always a treat, because they are funny and interesting people and I love them dearly. I am truly blessed as far as my family is concerned. Well, while they were here I was making my 2nd attempt at casting on for the socks. I mentioned how much easier it would be if I had the circs, so my youngest brother has offered to get them. I told him that I could get by without them but he won't listen. He and the rest of my family have this incredible generosity gene that I wish I could afford to reciprocate. I just hope they all know how much they are appreciated and loved.

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