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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lazy Weekend

This weekend is hot, humid and hazy...ugh. I don't feel like doing anything in this heat. I become a lump. Saturday evening I did work a little on the crochet trim for my Sweet Sweater but not much. I still have too many WIPs staring back at me, but my desire to complete them goes way down in the summer.

Does that happen to anyone else? I just don't want extra fibers in my lap or hands during the oppressive heat. I tend to not have much energy for anything when it is hot. It zaps me. Then I get into that "should" cycle, where everything I look at is something that I "should" be taking action on, but don't. That is depressing, which keeps the cycle...well...cycling. Guilt helps too. I see others who push on (like my masculine family members who are building my mom a new home in this heat, sacraficing their weekends...they are amazing) and that gives the "should" cycle more impetus.

With that said, I guess I "should" try to get something accomplished today. I folded laundry earlier today and managed a shower.....does that count? I think I will try to finish the Sweet Sweater.

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