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Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have an irrational fear of cables. When I see a pattern, if it has cables, I just keep on going. I have made a few attempts to make sweaters with cables that have ended in lots of frogging and cursing, so I just don't try anymore. Well, today is a new day sparky.

While I was perusing a friends blog, I came across a scarf pattern that she designed and thought, "that is beautiful, but it has a cable", so I was going to move on. Then I was sad that I couldn't make such a wonderful scarf, so I decided it is time to give cables a chance again. I have come a long way as a knitter since the last time I attempted them. Besides, a scarf is a lot less challenging than cables with sweater shaping too!

So, I printed the pattern for Fancy Cabled Braided Scarf (on Ravelry too) and started knitting last evening. I only frogged one row, one time. Below is a picture of the scarf in progress and I must say "I am proud"!!!


  1. You're doing a fabulous job! See? Cables aren't as hard as they look. :)

  2. You should be proud, it's really pretty and not so difficult after all!

  3. Hi Beverley! I saw your scarf on Ravelry tonight and I am proud of you, too! You're doing a great job! You know, I only ever completed this scarf once and I gave it away. I need to make one for me!!!



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