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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inner Farmgirl re-visited...

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I am not physically able to participate in all farmgirl activities. Well, I now have a photo of my pitiful excuse for a "garden". And worse yet, I have to admit that my mother planted them for me! At least I have watered them and kept them from dying, so far. I always have the intention of planting herbs, even if it is just a window sill planter. Some how I never seem to follow through with it. I am hoping that my new "farmgirl spirit" will give me the gumption to finally get it done.

On the crafting front, I have cross-stitched a few pine trees on my sister-in-laws afghan, so progress, albeit slow, is being made. I am not thrilled with the way this project is turning out, but I dare not turn back as she may slay me if I don't finish it. Tomorrow I will have pictures of my first pair of nanner socks which I will block tonight. And finally, I have a picture of my new nanner sock yarn from the chicks with sticks . Have a great day everyone!

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