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Friday, July 25, 2008

Lost in Plurk Land

Where have I been you may have asked, or not. Plurk has had my full and undivided attention. I have only knit about 12 inches on my scarf and I have spun about 1 ounce of fiber in the past week. Why has my Plurk obsession suddenly risen to a new height?

Last weekend, I got a used computer from one of my brothers and it was set up next to my lift chair, so that I can now be online in relative comfort (relative, because there is always some pain). Before this, my time was limited to short intervals after which I would have to elevate my legs to stop the swelling. Since I can now have my legs elevated while I am online, I now am having a difficult time logging off.

Still this doesn't quite explain why I have neglected my blog for so long. I guess that is because I feel that this blog is primarily about my knitting, crocheting and spinning, and since I haven't been doing much of that, then what do I blog about?

I have decided that this one is dedicated to Plurk since the reason for me wanting to spend so much time there is that so many knitters, crocheters, and spinners are there too. I live in the middle of nowhere, Maine. There is no LYS, no guilds, no group of fiber obsessed people in this neck of the woods. I find a kind of camaraderie of like minded individuals in Plurk. We can share pictures of our projects, our fiber finds, and our furry, four-legged friends. We help each other learn new techniques, new shopping resources, and new links of interest. Most of all we encourage and support each other, like friends are supposed to. You to can be a part of this fiber love fest if you would like to meet me there!

So I don't foresee me slowing down on the Plurk time in the near future. I am going to have to find a way to strike a balance between plurking and my crafts, because I have been missing the feel of yarn slipping through my fingers and my needles clicking away. Wish me luck.


  1. Omigosh! I totally understand! I've been Plurkcrazy for 2 weeks. Who would think it would be so addictive?

  2. I *totally* understand! I've been so sucked into Plurk that I haven't blogged in a while and have been meaning to. Need to touch up some photos first and I keep Plurking instead of doing that!

    I completely know what you mean, though. While there are knitters and LYS's in the area, I haven't found a group of knitters I can meet with regularly and the LYS's are kind of far for me to go (or closed when I'm out of work), so I've really missed that knitterly connection since I moved out here from Connecticut where I had a fantastic little group to knit with every Saturday. It's been great to Plurk with a great group of people that really take that place as my "knitting group."

  3. You are not alone! Plurk is addictive!

  4. I love that there are so many knitters on plurk, they are such a fun bunch.

    As for addiction, I call my Treo my Plurk binky!

  5. I am always glad to see you on Plurk! Now I must go and look at your projects I have never seen!

  6. Hi Bev, I totally understand about plurk and agree with you. And I plurk you! ((hug)) I'm also commenting to let you know that "You've been tagged!" Please come visit my blog to see,


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